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Cat Fish

Science name:               Pangasius Hypophthalmus

Tradenames:  swai, Pangasius, sutchi, Hajmal, Basa

Describe: Pangasius is a catfish, common in the Mekong River. Depending on the water environment that will have different colors. The taste of this fish is delicious, nutritious. Leather and meat naturally contains DHA and very high COLLAGEN.

Roots:     In Vietnam, catfish being hatched in the Mekong Delta provinces such as An Giang, Can Tho, Hau Giang, Vinh Long, Soc Trang, Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Long An. Catfish can grow in ponds, farms can focus or cages, a form of catfish are common in the Mekong River.

Smell:     Catfish more meat, sweet, delicious taste.

Structural meat:   Sure textured fish meat

Catfish can be processed a lot of delicious dishes such as grilled, hot hung, warehouses, sauteed, grilled, fried, hung smoke, steam...

Quality management:

Frozen fish will be ensured within 24-36 months of quality at temperatures at or below -18oC.

Pangasius Steak Frozen Pangasius Frozen Pangasius Fillet

Related information:          

Catfish fillets are processed according to HACCP standards, eligible exporters through many countries in the world.

Nutritional parameters:       

Servings Size 4 Oz (114g)

Calories 96                        Calories from fat 22

                                          % Daily Value *

Total Fat 2.4 g                   4%

Saturated Fat 0.8 g           4%

Cholesterol 10 mg             0%

Sodium 52 mg                    2%

Total Carbohydrate 0 g      0%

Dietary Fiber 0g                 0%

Sugar 0g                            0%

Vitamin A 0.5%                   Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 3%                        Iron 3%

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